" This is my community that fostered my commitment and integrity.  It means everything to me and I’m taking the necessary steps to give everything back to my community."

Vote Joseph Grimes for Nash County Sheriff "One Nash"
Nash County

According to the 2020 US Census data the population size for Nash County is 94, 270 with racial demographics of 54% White, 41% African American, Native American 1%, Asian 1%, Two or More races 1.9 %, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 0.9%; along with the inclusion of the ethnicity of the Hispanic population which includes 7.4% of the population.


The average income in Nash County is 27,406 and there are 16.4% of the population living in poverty. 

Nash County Issues

There are 540.41 square miles to be covered by the Office of the Sheriff in Nash County.  Currently, there has not been a lot of emphasis on public safety because Nash County is in the 35th percentile for safety…that means in the State of North Carolina there are 65% more counties that are listed as safer because they have implemented better programs that protect their citizens and 35% more counties that are more dangerous than Nash.  We must also consider that fact that Nash County is rural and possibly more rural and smaller than some of these other counties.  We can do better…It’s time to do something different…Let’s protect our community.  The crime rate is 41.35 per 1,000 residents in Nash County, currently the southern portion of the county is the safest in the county.

Mission Statement

Community Changes Everything …ONE Nash

Building on the premise of hope, love, transparency, trust, and resiliency it has always been important for me to understand the value of people.  We are only as good as the love we can give to our neighbor.  I want to continue that same concept as I provide leadership for a community that I love and call home.  My community where my family is, where my neighbors are, where the people are whom I care about the most, where the people are whom I want to Protect and Serve…ONE Nash


I Am Committed To:

  • Always maintain justice and honor the rule of law

  • Represent you with dignity and respect

  • Serve, protect, and listen attentively to you while addressing your needs

  • Protect ALL citizens of Nash County

  • Uphold the constitutional duties of the Office of the Sheriff

  • Constantly improve professional standards

  • Provide additional trainings for deputies to enhance their skills and develop leadership abilities

  • Maintain a strong relationship with members of the community

  • Implement crime reduction programs specifically targeting high crime areas

  • Develop programs that will be beneficial for detention center that focus on substance abuse and mental health disorders

  • Be accessible

  • As Nash County continues to grow, the needs of the Sheriff’s Office will expand we need to adapt with the demand for new technology and the need for transparency the need for body cameras, new equipment, and the latest technology is essential to provide great service for all residents.

  • Reduce crime and enhance public safety through effective community engagement programs

  • Use crime reduction data and maps to effectively reduce high crime areas in the county

  • Redesign public information office and enhance community relationships

  • Establish citizen’s patrol volunteer program

Enhance collaborations with other law enforcement agencies​ 

Public Safety

Public safety is a major concern for Deputy Grimes.  It is the cornerstone of the health of the community and is connected to the overall well’ being of the residents of Nash County.  It is the bedrock of the meaning of protect and serve.  Deputy Grimes has a plan to effectively reduce crime, allocate resources appropriately, use deputies wisely, manage funds appropriately, and expand partnerships. 

Go Vote Flyers
Campaign Tours: Community Listening Sessions -
These tours speak to the heart of who Joseph Grimes is as a person and a law enforcement professional.  He was born and raised in Nash County and loves his community, so it is important for him to make sure the needs of the people in the community are being met as we foster new beginnings in the Sheriff Office in Nash County and the belief of ONE community.  These sessions will give people an opportunity to share experiences unfiltered and honestly as they participate in the process of offering solutions to create a better community for Nash County.  Your VOICE matters and so does your VOTE.  Contact our campaign to schedule a small gathering that meets COVID guidelines or ZOOM for your friends, family, or organization.  Call the campaign line at (252) 462-1113 or send us an email at